We have partnered with Dogz Online, so we can work together to improve the online experience for ANKC breeders. Below is how we're different, and how you can use PETspot to complement your Dogz Online Profile and Social Media Pages to manage your program directly on one platform!

What can you do on PETspot?

Manage Puppy Applications, Waitlists, Litters, and more directly on PETspot. Here's a list of them:

  1. Easily create custom puppy application forms: Approve, Decline and Message your applicant's puppy questionnaire

  2. Waitlist Tools: Organise your waitlists on PETspot with special features to easily manage the list

  3. Receive a custom unique link for sharing: Connect your profile to websites, social media, and Dogz Online to centralise your management on PETspot

  4. Chat: Easily keep your conversation with buyers organised

  5. Secure Puppy Payments (Optional): A Payment System built for responsible breeders to protect and guarantee our Breeder Members from scams, fraud, and reverse chargebacks.

  6. PETspot Profiles: Showcase your program and your dogs!

  7. Recognition and Education: We support ANKC (Dogs Australia Breeders)

  8. Community Resources & Discounts: Access to unique benefits to help your pack!

How much does it cost?

It's free to join!

How does PETspot make money?

As an approved breeder on PETspot, you and your buyers have the option to pay through our Secure Puppy Payment System, a safe and secure payment solution that protects buyers and responsible breeders.

This is an optional benefit only available to community members and ANKC breeders. It's also free for breeders. We make money if puppy buyers pay breeders through PETspot Pay, where puppy buyers are charged a service fee which helps us keep PETspot free for breeders, provide education to puppy buyers, and protect payments. Every secure payment through PETspot helps us run our initiative and community and supports our mission to build a brighter future for our dogs.

Read more about secure puppy payments here.

I want to get access to PETspot benefits and join the community but I don't need help finding puppy homes...?

We're not an advertising platform - we’re an initiative and community focused on educating the public to promote responsible practices by recognising ANKC breeders in our community. We do offer tools to breeders to help find good homes, however, many responsible breeders do not need help finding puppy homes and have long waitlists.

Breeders in our community can “snooze” puppy applications. However, this can be hard for genuine puppy buyers to find good breeders online so we created a tool for puppy buyers to express interest in programs which helps save time when making any future updates for your program. This way, you can still remain a member of the community with full access to PETspot breeder benefits and resources, and you can help us educate the public on the importance of responsible breeders and pet ownership.

PETspot and Dogz Online

We're partnered with Dogz Online, and our foremost goal is to introduce improved technology and additional features to enhance the online experience of ANKC breeders.

If you have any questions or concerns, or have some ideas and feedback, reach out to support@thepetspot.com.au

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